Monday, May 7, 2012

New Life

At this time of year, life breathes and grows all around me. The bluebird nestlings lay together in the nest, cuddled together in a pile of down feathers. Their beaks open wide, offering up a basin for the food that will nourish their growth. The young butterflies flit from bloom to bloom, stopping at small puddles to quench thirst. Their youth is displayed by their crisp and colorful wings without blemish or tears. Fox kits frolic outside the den waiting for mother to return with food. They pounce and play, practicing for adulthood.

As I watch these youthful creatures move from birth to youth, I am filled with joy and wonder. Life is a gift, and they move through it with zest and zeal. They remind me of my youth. Their innocence and tenderness reach out to touch the youth that still lives inside me. I am imbued with a sense of protection and purpose. In my desire to protect them, I protect the girl in me. As we age, there is a tendency to find boredom in what has been seen and done before. By allowing curiosity and wonder to breathe and grow, we see things with  new eyes. We see the same thing in a new way. We see and live a new life.

copyright © 2012 Michelle A. Potter

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