Friday, April 20, 2012

Cycle of Life and Death

Nature surrounds events of change. The act of change is an ongoing force in the universe, in the natural world, and in our lives. Sometimes change means birth. Sometimes change means death. This week, I experienced two deaths of animals in my garden. These are not pets, and I am not as attached as I would be if they were. I mourn their passing nonetheless. They were a part of my garden, my world. I will miss getting a glimpse of them as they wandered in and around the plantings. I know sometimes I am not aware of an animal's passing who dwells in my domain. For some reason, I was made aware of these two.

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.  ~Lao Tzu

One was a female robin who had made a nest in an arbor and laid a few beautiful blue eggs. Ecstatic and full of hope, I tenderly walked around to avoid the arbor on most days so as not to disturb her. Just the other day, she became trapped by turf netting and died. The other was a black swallowtail butterfly whose wings had become damaged preventing it from flying. This is the way, the cycle of nature. Even my mourning is the cycle of nature. Today, I looked out and saw about six other robins flying from tree branch to tree branch. They seemed paired off for breeding. A few stopped by the birdbath and moistened their feathers. Another black swallowtail butterfly was laying eggs on parsley leaves in the herb garden. A new generation begins. Birth begets death. Death begets birth. The circle of life continues.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

No matter what mood I may be feeling, no matter what circumstances present themselves, there is always something to be happy about--whether it be a memory or an experience.

Some Things That Make Me Smile:

- the way the light dances on the amber leaves of a Japanese maple in the wind

- the fervent and boisterous song of the very small, yet stalwart, Carolina wren

- my husband's attempts to make me laugh which are usually successful

- the way my cats curl up in a circle, tilt their heads under, and stretch their toes out

- the first blushing of a full tomato on the vine in the vegetable garden

- the fragrance of Carolina Jessamine blooms as I walk by them over and over again

- the cottony and fluffy texture of Lamb's Ears between my thumb and forefinger

What makes you smile?


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